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Hello, I'm Roy

"Welcome to my visual playground! I'm Sahaya Jebroy, a seasoned visual designer with a passion for crafting immersive experiences across graphic design, web development, UI/UX design, and photography. Over the past four years, I've honed my skills and built a diverse portfolio that showcases my creativity, technical prowess, and keen eye for detail.

As a graphic designer, I specialize in creating captivating brand identities, stunning illustrations, and engaging marketing collateral that leave a lasting impression. In web development, I excel at crafting user-friendly interfaces and seamless experiences that marry form with function, ensuring a delightful journey for every user.

My expertise in UI/UX design allows me to craft intuitive interfaces and enhance user interactions, prioritizing user needs and behavior to create meaningful digital experiences. Additionally, my journey as a photographer adds depth to my portfolio, capturing authentic moments and weaving compelling narratives through captivating imagery.

Join me on a visual journey through my portfolio, where creativity knows no bounds, and each project is a testament to my dedication to pushing the boundaries of design innovation. Let's create something extraordinary together!"

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Recent Works

Works for GWC ( Services & Subsidiaries )

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Recent Works

Food Photography

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